Biography and Exhibitions

Born in 1990 at Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.


Artist Statement


Barnett Newman: ,, The ideograms shall adopt, by means of symbols, numbers, or hieroglyphs the idea of an object without expressing her name ”


Fuck beautiful art. I want to make art what is about concept not about beauty. I want to show that it is made by hand. And art has to be an experience. Experience is really important in daily life. Well, maybe not exactly experience, but rest. It is necessary to feel peaceful and free. For me in this western society in seeing and experience art it is about becoming peaceful in a very quick changing society.

Sensuality, concept, simplicity, power, woman and pain are important themes in my work. Art is an out coming of the ideas of the human being. In my work I want to start a dialogue between daily life and the romanticism. The woman in this is important, she stays central. I see the woman as the colour ultramarine blue. With this I always use symbols in my work. So people could read my work, but they can’t touch it.

There is a playing between attraction and pushing away. I want to create art with a vulnerable state. Not the how, but the why is important. It is all in the detail. For me, my art is ugly. And through that it is good art. I want to open the doors for the next generations.

Through the fact that my thinking of woman can never be real I need to be enlightened. This I can find in the catharsis. A cleaning ritual. The best way to do this is in performances. When I find myself in a performance in a higher state of consciousness, there is finding place a real catharsis.

Written by: Helena van Zuylen
Groningen. The Netherlands, 2015


Group Exhibitions


2017: Art For Animals Sake Amsterdam

2017: Innocent drawing #6 CBK Groningen


2016: Groupshow Bridewell Studios Liverpool

2016: Groupshow Y2 Groningen

2016: Exhibition Kunst op t Peerdestee Roodeschool-Oosteinde

2016: My heart is something Stichting WEP Groningen


2015: Wallpainting The Kast Groningen

2015: Wallpainting The Etage Dancing Groningen

2015: Eindexamen Expositie Black Box Groningen

2015: Sexpositie Muurstraat Groningen

2015: Misfit Festival Groningen

2015: Kopjek Festival Groningen

2015: Open day Academy Minerva at Prediniussingel Groningen

2015: Open day Academy Minerva at Zuiderdiep Groningen

2015: In Limbo Fourth Years Exhibition Erasmuslaan 23 Haren


2014: Remix EEA Glass Paviljoen Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam

2014: Look, Do you want to know me? Newcastle/Groningen Oosterstraat 48/52 Jop Groningen

2014: EEA European Exchange Academy Exhibition By the Dozen Beelitz-Heilstatten Germany

2014: Maydays exhibitions. In the end it is not only you RATATA Groningen

2014: Reference Frame Newcastle Great-Britain

2014: Minerva Third year ABK exhibition We give you something to Like me Academy Minerva Groningen

2014: Open day Academy Minerva Groningen

2014: A weekend break of dance and beyond Grand Theatre Groningen


2013: Do you know what I’m saying? The Hague

2013: Performance at Welcome to the Future Festival Amsterdam

2013: Art Shows Academy Minerva Groningen

2013: Open Day Academy Minerva Groningen


2012: Teddybear Project Amersfoort